Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ahhhh... Tuesday!

Well, day two! I promise that I won't count every day lol.
I got a lot done yesterday - well, kind of. My desk was cleaned up, but not until midnight... uggg!

Organized Clutter
I just couldn't seem to get anything done yesterday - during the day. After dinner was an entirely different story... must have been that yummy chicken I made.
The Christmas Mini is making progress. I got the outside covered with cardstock - not sure if I like the paper choice I made, but guess we will see...

Christmas Mini
I sold a few die cuts on eBay & had to finish up the embossed butterflies this morning so I could ship them out first thing... so, I got to play with my Gazelle :)

Starting to Emboss

Half Way Done
The Software My Gazelle Uses

Still haven't finished my wedding invites - gotta get those done this week!  Well, guess I better get to work on them... enjoy the day!

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