Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Already!

Its is going to be a crazy day. Getting ready to go grocery shopping :( I try to get out of there asap!

my desk - what a mess
Trying to think of a way to "Pimp My Gazelle" there is a contest going on through the forum.  I love butterflies, but somebody already did that & I want it to be original... I love lighthouses, but don't think the pink ends of my machine will go good with that theme... I am kind of leaning toward a pattern cut out of black vinyl & adding bling! After all my craft room is decorated in Black & White with accent colors Bright Pink & Lime Green :)

paper bag Christmas mini
My Christmas mini is almost done... would be if I worked on it at all yesterday... but all I could do was watch YouTube & play around on the internet... I got NOTHING done!
I finished up 1/2 of the inside pages, just have to decorate & embellish & then secure them inside the "house". Decorating the outside of the album should be easy - I knew what I wanted it to look like before I started on this album.

start of a birthday card for my cousin - it's late :(

Well, the longer I put off going shopping, the more people will be in there... so, off I go :)  enjoy the day!

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